Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'M BACK! With Cockroaches!

I has been tooooo long! I am in the blogging mood again!

We are currently in North Carolina for Jer's work...I'm not gunna lie, I might as well be in another country! Not kidding when I say Utah is POSH compared to this place! All you "Utahns" are spoiled! Although, The Super green wooded surroundings are a beautiful change.

My biggest HOLY CRAP moment has got to be the morning Ellie woke me up (too early in the morning might I ad...) saying "Mommy, something is crawling on the wall!" That got me up cause I'm a wussy when it comes to foreign creatures! So I look over, & sure enough it's the biggest bleepin Cockroach i've EVER seen! I've got to say that i'm not even sure that i've actually, physically seen a Cockroach before...So nice introduction! I felt like screaming "WELCOME TO THE DIRTY SOUTH!!!" That is a perfect saying by the way. So to wrap up this exciting story, I indeed KILLED that disgusting creature!!! YEAH!!! I could'nt show weakness in front of my kid right?!


Cameron and Jennifer Turnbow said...

oh my gosh nastiness. BUG SPRAY TIME! I miss you girly girl! We have lots to talk about. I am so glad that you are back to the blog thing so I can keep updated. So what are your plans with P when you get back! Code words!!! K, write me!!!

LudvigsonFamily said...

I was so excited to see you had a new post! Welcome back to the blogging world!! Love ya
PS Lincoln wants a roch to put in his bug catcher!!!

Jacy said...

Amberlie! This is Jacy. I saw your link on Shannon's blog and here I am looking at how you're doing. Sorry about the cockroaches in the dirty south. : ( Other than that, hope you're doing well.